Is India Secular? or are we united?

Recent days the topic of intolerance got a huge attention. In a secular country like India, discussion about intolerance is not acceptable but it is happening in India. So here question arises that, is India a secular country..??

Before we discuss, let’s understand what secular state is. “Secular state claims to treat all its citizens equally regardless of religion, and claims to avoid preferential treatment for a citizen from a particular religion/non religion over other religions/non religion.”

Preamble of Indian constitution says that India is a secular country but is Government following the constitution….?? Let’s see..!!!

Minority: This word means a lot. If we elaborate it, then it will mean – one religion with very low head count compare to another religion falls under Minority. Now If India is secular country as it stated in preamble of Indian constitution and also In S.R. Bommai vs UOI (1994) The SC of India held “A state which does not recognise any religion as the state religion, it treats all religions equally” so why we need ministry of minority..??

“To ensure a more focused approach towards issues relating to the notified minority communities namely Muslim, Christian, Budhist, Sikhs, Parsis and Jain.” – Ministry of Minority.

Here government clearly indicates that they are worrying about some religions/communities that have lower head count and underdeveloped, government will try to uplift them and will help them to develop. If India is secular then why government is giving importance to particular religions/communities?? …!!

Cast certificates : If India is secular then why we need cast certificates and why government giving privilege to some particulars cast under the name of minority and reservation …?? Every cast, religion, or communities must be treated equally.

Subsidy and patronage : Government openly give subsidies to pilgrims of different religion to help them to visit their holy places and for Yatras, helping to arrange big Holy ceremonies and gatherings, provide patronage to religious institutions for their development etc etc. Why a secular state should worry about development of their citizen’s religion if all are equal in eyes of constitution.

State creation :  every communities want their own state like Gorakhaland, Kamtapur, Avadh, Bundelkhand, Bhojpur, Mithila, Malwa and lot more. If we are from united country then why we need to carve more and more boundaries within the country…?

Reservation: The burning issue of India. A whole book can be written on this topic but my point is clear, reservations separate us.  This system is divided us in different social groups.

There are many other points which clearly shows that India is not united we are just acting like we are united and one. yes, it is true. So now what..? Will this situation continue or do we want to United again..?

If answer is yes then what we can do to overcome these issues..?? Yes I have the answer, I have covered the solutions of all this issues in my Novel Rudra : Aek Nava Yug Ni Sharuaat which is going to published on 21st March 2016. So for now first lets’ understand how all these issues arise and reach at present position.

During British rule they use one brilliant policy (I hate it) that is “Divide and rule” and now our spiritual gurus, leaders, leaders of different castes use the same policy on us.

It is big game. Common people are like a herd of ship and leaders are like shepherd, they just give orders and we follow. But why we are following them..? Are we not mature..?? Yes, we are mature enough but we are greedy and selfish. Yes, you read correctly.

We need good jobs without efforts, we want comfort without hard work, and we all want to go heaven though we don’t know anything about it. Our leaders know it very well that we are lazy and our mind is corrupt so they played a trick. They convinced us that if we follow them in name of god, Caste, social group, religion, and country, they will show us the way to heaven, provide comfort and peace. We are lazy enough to think what is right and wrong and we started to follow them.

First they divided us based on country then state and small provinces. Though they were not satisfied, further they divided us on the basis of Caste, Religion, Communities, and also on the bases of languages….!!!

They give us reason to fight on name of country, religion, god, caste, and what not. We are fighting for centuries without thinking what we are getting from this fight.

I can understand the problems of ancient world as they have limited sources of information but we are literate and connected to whole world though we don’t understand this.

It is not problem of Indian people but everywhere in the world this is happening. A handful people who want to rule and they know what people want. They give us reasons to fight for them and we are blind and selfish enough to follow them.


So what are the solutions..?? Do we need to kill that all handful leaders..?? That is not solution as if we kill them another will rise. They will not stop to tempting us. So We have two options one is humanity and second is self interest. I salute Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, who chosen humanity against her political career. We need leaders who can give priority to humanity then his/her own personal interest. I have created one hero Rudra chauhan and I know he is somewhere around us or inside us and one day he will rise and lead us to actual human glory and will create one united India, one united world…!!!

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